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Customer Success Story 02: Nugit

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Nugit was founded in 2013 with the goal of relieving businesses of the burden of data analysis by making the essential tales buried in data available to everyone in real-time. The Data Storytelling Platform uses artificial intelligence to bridge the gap between dashboards and tales, allowing users to take ownership of new information.

Nugit’s CEO is enthusiastic about using artificial intelligence to do jobs traditionally designated for people, as well as enabling data analytics to expand indefinitely in the form of Data Stories with appropriate narrative, context, and purpose. His ambition is to establish a world-class SaaS business in Singapore.

What have we done?

JSLancer works as a front-end development consultant at Nugit. Our desire is to visualize Nugit’s amazing work to the most friendly interface, so users will have a better experience. Therefore, Nugit will achieve their goal and core value to the world.

Moreover, the partnership among us has become better than ever. One of our team’s developers has joined Nugit as a full-time developer.

The technology stack that we use:

  • React
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS

For more detail, you can visit our portfolio here.

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