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Customer Success Story 03: Qubee

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Qubee is a cloud storage and content management service where you can upload, manage, and sell your media material. You may automate the publishing of your media material to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn by creating social calendars.

Powered by C-IStudios – an idea agency that addresses advertising problems via creative thinking and strong in-house production They create ideas with a greater purpose and execute them flawlessly to achieve maximum development.

What we have done? 

  • Develop frontend UI and backend API. We understand that they are both essential in building a cool website that visitors will like engaging with. By giving a smooth operating website and friendly interface, our customers will be better deliver their core value and power to visitors. 
  • Improve their social calendar scheduler, and image processing handler. We aim to utilize cutting-edge technology to unleash the power of creativity like never before. As a result, they may create worlds that go well beyond the use of words or pictures, or the combination of the two.

The technology stacks we we:

  • React
  • MongoBD
  • NodeJS

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