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A new music player built with Angular 2

The best way to learn new thing is learning by doing. This is the reason why I create a SoundCloud music player with Angular 2.

With this project, we can learn more about:

  • Dependency injection
  • DOM management with Angular 2
  • Using Observable
  • Use Typescript with Angular 2

Angular 2 sound cloud music player

Although I use SoundCloud Api but since the logic and view is separated, we can replace SoundCloud api very easy.

This product will be released on 17th, Feb 2016. Upon this product, I will write more about Angular 2.

Update on 18/2/2016:

This product has been released, checkout the source code at here: Angular 2 Sound Cloud on Github

Run live demo of this project: http://davidtran.github.io/ng2music

Run this project on your computer:

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