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CSS Handbook: Learning CSS on your mobile phone.

Learning and using CSS is not easy. There are hundred of properties and values that we need to memorizes. Usually I have to visit W3C website to see the definition and values of a particulate CSS property.

This process waste us a lot of time. Besides that most of the examples in W3C are low quality and we have to test by ourselves on our website few times until we can use a property correctly.

That’s why I made CSS Handbook. This is a simple app to help us learn CSS and also lookup for any property very quickly. This app illustrated hundred of popular CSS property. It show the animation of animate css like animation, transition…

CSS Handbook

CSS Handbook

Right now, this app is available for free on Google Play.

Download it at here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ionicframework.cssreference271270&hl=en