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Software Outsourcing Countries in Asia

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IT outsourcing is one of the industry’s newest ideas, yet it has already been shown to be very effective. Outsourcing a portion of a project’s development enables you to free up some critical resources by entrusting some aspects of the process to hire, third-party specialists or teams. In general, this method of reducing costs and improving workflow is fantastic – it’s promising and can be very effective, but wait: that’s not our subject today.

We will assist you in determining “Software outsourcing countries and the top companies in Asia” which is home to many increasingly prominent global outsourcing locations. 

Let’s find out!

Why Asia? 

Software Outsourcing Countries in Asia

Asian countries are now among the world’s top outsourcing destinations, and their developers are well-known for producing low-cost yet high-quality goods. As with many other aspects of IT, the Asian app/software solutions industry will supply you with all the resources you need if you can understand its nuances and act appropriately. 

Some of the benefits to find a software outsourcing agency in Asia, such as: 

  • Cost-Effectiveness. Simply stated, Asian employees are paid less per hour than their Western counterparts. Despite the current financial crisis, the cost of development in China and Vietnam remains very low, and there are other low-priced but poor-quality alternatives, such as India.
  • Quality. So, cheap cost equates to poor quality, true? Wrong. Asian businesses have remarkably high-quality requirements for their IT products, and their engineers have the ability and experience to handle even the most complicated projects.
  • Availability. Because of how popular outsourcing to Asia has grown in recent years, it is simple to locate a development team with the necessary expertise to manage your project.

On the other hand, there will be some obstacles to work with these offshore companies, for example communicating problems or legal matters.

Top software outsourcing countries in Asia


In 2019, Vietnam’s software outsourcing sector ranked ninth among the world’s top outsourcing nations, even this service is quite new in this country. Nonetheless, Vietnam has proven to be the greatest offshore development location.

The Vietnamese government has made significant investments in STEM education. It claims to increase the labor force’s availability of skilled software engineers.

The country boasts highly competent software engineers with a track record of success. In Vietnam, the most popular programming languages are Java, PHP,.NET, and a variety of other languages related to AI, machine learning, e-commerce, and so on.

Aside from having access to top-tier engineers, many customers have acknowledged that Vietnamese software developers have a highly adaptable attitude to emerging or cutting-edge technology, as well as the know-how to apply it to the project.

Furthermore, several multinational corporations, including IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, and Intel, have made investments in Vietnam. As a result, Vietnam has emerged as the most appealing location for software development outsourcing. As a result, if you want to save money on your project, Vietnam software outsourcing is a good option. 

Take a look at the top 3 rising stars in software outsourcing in Vietnam.

1. JSLancer (Ho Chi Minh City, since 2015)

Software Outsourcing Countries in Asia

Well, we cannot leave our name out of this list. JSLancer is a fast-growing software development outsourcing business. With a customer-first attitude, we have become a trusted technology partner for organizations all over the globe, from the United States to the United Kingdom to Australia and Singapore. Our close-knit team comprises skilled engineers that can handle difficult problems and provide the best solution for your product, enabling you to concentrate on strategy, company development, and user growth without worry.

JSLancer, with a focus on eCommerce and SaaS platforms, aims to offer startups and SMEs across industries the newest technology and creative solutions, as well as to be a trustworthy long-term partner.

Our outstanding services: 

  • Web and mobile app development. JSlancer concentrates on IT solutions so that you may concentrate on what is most important to your company. JSLancer values each client’s concept and is honored to bring it to reality. We have created a broad variety of consumer and enterprise-oriented apps based on our extensive expertise in delivering offshore software development services. In addition to website development services for various industries, JSLancer provides high-end consulting services such as professional advice and project management for website design and web app development.
  • MVP Software Development. JSLancer provides end-to-end MVP software development to reduce time and accomplish your goals. With JSLancer’s service, the MVPs software development process may now become simpler and more accessible to various companies throughout marketplaces, recognizing that time and cost are among the main issues for SMEs. JSLancer can offer solutions customized to customers’ unique requirements and obstacles by assisting businesses from the beginning.
  • Reengineering Software. JSLancer provides application re-engineering services to make your websites and mobile apps more business-efficient. We use re-engineering methods to evolve your current software applications that are out of date or are not maintained by the software providers by a third-party IT team in order to keep your software and business processes up to date with the most recent technology accessible worldwide.

2. KMS Technology (Ho Chi Minh City, since 2009)

KMS Technology is another well-known name in the offshore software development industry. The business focuses on providing outsourcing services to both domestic and international clients.

In addition, the business has invested in cutting-edge technology and IT solutions such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing. In addition to bespoke software development, the business provides consultation and testing services. Data analytics, support services, and integration services are all available.

3. Inapps (Ho Chi Minh City, since 2016)

Despite just being in the technology business for 5 years, InApps Technology has provided software development solutions to numerous start-ups across the globe. Their services are focused on adaptable solutions, custom-fit, and meeting clients’ tight time constraints.

They currently provide four services: website development, outsourced mobile app development, UI/UX design, and offshore development. InApps Technology, which began modestly but has made an effect on the market, progressively shows itself to be an outstanding member of the outsourcing game.

The Philippines 

The Filipinos’ familiarity with the American language and culture is a significant advantage. The Philippines has a long history of IT outsourcing and has the infrastructure to sustain its operations. According to Rutchik, the Philippines also provides efficient BPO, application development and maintenance, and lower-level help desk operations in addition to call centers. However, the country’s ongoing political insecurity and social turmoil are causing some US businesses to reconsider their IT outsourcing there. 

Here is the list of the 3 best companies in the Philippines:

1. Flatworld solutions (Davao, since 2002)

Flatworld Solutions is an outsourcing firm based in Princeton, New Jersey. They were founded in 2006 and now employ over 750 people. The company’s worldwide operations are located in India, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines, and it specializes in nonvoice/back office, transcription, and call center services. Their customers are mainly from the manufacturing, education, and healthcare sectors.

2. Arcanys (Cebu, since 2010)

Arcanys is a 156-person software outsourcing facility that was established in 2010. They are based in Cebu City, Philippines, with a second office in Makati City, Philippines. They specialize in bespoke software development, mobile app development, and artificial intelligence. They mainly serve small and midsize companies in the information technology, business, healthcare, and consumer goods sectors.

3. Chromedia (Cebu)

Chromedia is a Lakewood, California-based bespoke software development company. Their team of 30 was founded in 1996 and serves customers in the healthcare, finance, and business services industries. Development services include iOS/Android, Symfony, and Ruby on Rails. 


China’s size and cheap labor costs compared to India position the nation well for IT outsourcing success, but language hurdles and intellectual property issues may prevent it from becoming a top-tier offshore site for US firms. 

Although outsourcing in China helps you reduce the cost and explore the Chinese market, you should consider the drawbacks such as language and inner competition. Their top 3 companies that you should take a look at:

1. Neusoft Corporation (Shenyang, since 1991)

Neusoft Corporation’s business lines have included Industry Solution, Engineered Solution, and other relevant software products, phases, or services since its inception in 1991. With over 15,000 workers and 8 regional offices, Neusoft has risen to the top of the Chinese software outsourcing industry. 

2. Beyondsoft Corporation (Beijing, since 1995)

Beyodsoft is Asia’s leading IT Service Outsourcing Company, providing IT consulting, application development and maintenance, ERP, and BPO (business process outsourcing) services to worldwide customers. Beyondsoft’s General Headquarters are in Beijing, while its Branches and Research Institutions are placed in key Chinese cities, and Delivery Centers are established in the United States, Japan, Singapore, and India. 

3. Worksoft Creative Software Technology Ltd (Beijing, since 1995)

Worksoft Creative Software Technology Ltd. was founded in 1995 and provides clients with research and development, enterprise solutions, application software development and maintenance, quality assurance and measurement, localization and globalization, infrastructure construction outsourcing, business workflow outsourcing, and other services. Many cities have branches, including Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Dalian, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi’an, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Malaysia, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, and London. 


Gartner considers India to be the “undisputed leader in offshore services,” and with good reason. The nation excels in application development and maintenance, remote infrastructure monitoring, business process outsourcing (BPO), and non-IT outsourcing fields like finance, accounting, and human resources (HR). Even if a recent controversy may have tarnished India’s image, the size and affordability of labor make it an appealing destination. Their top software outsourcing companies include:

1. Trigent (Southborough, Massachusetts, since 1995)

Trigent is a prominent offshore enterprise product and software development firm with over 22 years of expertise. They also have a track record of completing 300 successful projects in the last three years. Trigent also appears in the list of the top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies in India compiled by Clutch, Quora, and others.

Over the years, they have catered to a variety of small, medium, and big businesses for design, development, testing, and launch.

2. BrainVire (Plano, Texas)

Brainvire Infotech is an award-winning worldwide IT services firm that provides a broad range of IT solutions to entrepreneurs interested in working with cutting-edge technology for both software and business growth. The business has always aimed to be a trailblazer by making the most use of its rich resources, significant experience, and unrivaled knowledge to provide effective and timely services to worldwide companies in a variety of sectors. With over 16 years of expertise, the business has over 1300 happy customers worldwide.

These advantages propel it to the top of the list of IT outsourcing firms in India.

3. Clarion Technologies (Cybercity, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411013, since 2000)

Clarion Technologies is a prominent supplier of technology solutions focusing in online, mobile, and technology services. Their one-of-a-kind engagement approach enables customers to take advantage of the best of the outsourcing industry, backed up by high-quality resources and world-class technical supervision and infrastructure.

On reputable lists such as Clutch, Hackernoon, and Quora, the business has regularly been rated as the top outsourcing partner in India for its work.


Efficient, quick, and reasonably priced – that is how the outsourcing process should be, and that is precisely how it now seems. Whether you’re searching for a way to stay ahead of your rivals or just want to grow your own company, you won’t find a better quality/price ratio with other, more complicated methods.

When it comes to the ideal outsourcing location, consider Vietnam as a home to thousands of competent IT professionals with excellent English, no cultural boundaries, and a consistent attitude to work. JSLancer, in particular, may become your committed outsourcing partner!